Dear Colleague

Pelvic floor surgery has been a controversial focus of the medical, legal, and political world for the last few years, especially with the problems associated with surgically implantable permanent materials. For women who have been injured and suffer problems, we must continue to provide solutions to improve their health and recognise the issues that led to these problems. Loss of quality of life from pelvic floor damage due to ageing and childbirth will never disappear and we must look to new, collegiate and evidence-based methods of diagnosing, managing and understanding this critical area of gynaecological surgery. On behalf of the Board of the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society and our local organising committee, we are delighted to invite you to visit Brisbane for the 19th Annual AGES Pelvic Floor Symposium and Workshop.

The symposium, “More than Gynaecology”, is a multidisciplinary approach to pelvic floor medicine, with clinical care at its core and surgical techniques are scrutinised to reveal their current and potential future roles in addressing pelvic floor symptoms. We need to continue to be forward looking, constantly questioning and more collaborative to improve the health outcomes of the women we care for. By working in multi-disciplinary teams with allied health professionals, scientists, colorectal specialist and urologists we can collectively learn and advance: ways to improve the health and quality of life of women with pelvic disorders

Our program will focus on the importance of the specialist gynaecologist surgeon and their role in the front-line management of pelvic floor problems – a founding pillar of our training and knowledge. The interprofessional collaboration with the subspecialist uro-gynaecologists, advances and recent changes in pelvic floor surgery, options for management of urinary incontinence possibly without suburethral slings, upskilling in pelvic floor surgical techniques and methods of teaching surgery to colleagues and trainees in the operating theatre environment will all be core elements of the symposium. Pelvic pain management in women with and without pelvic mesh will be explained, explored and analysed and an essential update on the current surgical mesh situation in Australia, New Zealand will be presented. Finally, the management and prevention of obstetric perineal trauma will be explored and debated with an assembled faculty of Australian and International colleagues.

Our invited faculty includes Dr. G Willy Davila (USA), Prof. Don Wilson (NZ), Prof. Lorimer Moseley (Aust), Colorectal surgeons, Prof. Mark Coleman (UK), and Dr. Tom Cecil (UK). As always, you are invited to be a part of this innovative programme by submitting your free communications for the symposium.

Take the opportunity while in Brisbane to partake in many of the outdoor activities the city is known for. Whether it be an early morning cycle around the Brisbane, bush walking in national parks, exploring rooftop bars or push the boat out and compete in the Brisbane Marathon Festival on 5th August. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

This years AGES pelvic floor symposium is one of positivity and necessity. Pelvic floor issues for women remain a huge burden of illness and we must look beyond the current controversies and focus on solving the problems for women. Our role as a specialist gynaecological surgeon has never been more important and this meeting is one that celebrates collaboration, education and collegiality. We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane in August where we are confident you will enjoy an entertaining and educational meeting with practical approaches to improve the lives of the women we care for through a multidisciplinary approach.



Prof Ajay Rane
AGES Pelvic Floor Chair



Dr Michael Wynn-Williams
AGES Board member


Prof Ajay Rane,
Conference Chair

Dr Michael Wynn-Williams,
Conference Co-Chair & Scientific Chair

Dr Rachel Green,
AGES Board Member

Dr Peta Higgs,
Committee Member 

Dr Hannah Krause,
Committee Member

Dr Alexandra Mowat,
Committee Member

Dr Kellie Tatham,
Committee Member

Dr Phil Hall,
Committee Member

Dr Tom Cecil UK
A/Prof Mark Coleman UK
Dr G. Willy Davila USA
Prof Don Wilson NZ

Prof Jason Abbott           NSW

Dr Salwan Al-Salihi          VIC

Dr Harsha Ananthram    QLD

Dr Jayne Berryman         QLD

Dr Allison Bryant             QLD

Dr Carina Chow               QLD

Dr Jason Chow                 NSW

Ms Amy Dawes               NSW

Dr Alex Diggles                QLD

Dr Lori Forner                  QLD

Dr Chris Gillespie             QLD

Prof Judith Goh               QLD

Dr Kate Gray                    QLD

Dr Philip Hall                    QLD

Dr Peta Higgs                   QLD


Dr Margaret Kay              QLD

Dr Alexandra Mowat      QLD

Dr Natalie Kiel                  QLD

Dr Jenny King                   NSW

Dr Hannah Krause           QLD

Prof Alan Lam                  NSW

Dr Ken Law                       QLD

Dr Chris Maher                QLD

Prof Lorimer Moseley     SA

Prof David Paterson       QLD

Prof Ajay Rane OAM       QLD

Dr Anna Rosamilia          VIC

Dr Stuart Salfinger          WA

A/Prof Thierry Vancaillie NSW

Dr David Winkle                QLD

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